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Official Overview of Network

NETWORK of Community Ministries, Inc., (NETWORK), founded in 1985, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization supported by businesses, individuals, and a coalition of religious, civic and social organizations. NETWORK officially opened its doors on February 3, 1986. It provides health and emergency services to children, low-income families, and senior citizens in need within RISD. The mission is “caring, coaching, and empowering our neighbors in need as they seek an improved quality of life.” The organization has three divisions: Emergency Services, the Adolescent and Children’s Clinic, and The Seniors’ Net. In addition to the service to families, NETWORK also strives to educate the local community on issues that affect those in need. NETWORK has a small paid staff and hundreds of volunteers who actualize its mission and vision to promote self-sufficiency for low income families.

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Official Overview of Network

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (appointments begin at 8:45)
Closed Friday

In order to receive assistance from NETWORK, an individual needs to call and set up an appointment: 972-234-8880- Option 1. A receptionist will set up an appointment for you and appointments are typically made about a week in advance unless there has been a cancellation.

You will need to provide proof of residence (a lease or utility bill in your name) and photo identification upon arriving for your appointment.

Each individual with an appointment will be interviewed by a Client Intake Specialist to determine what NETWORK may be able to do to assist.

To receive financial assistance, you must have some proof of income to demonstrate that you will be ok the next month, a copy of your lease for rental assistance and a copy of your latest bill for utilities assistance. Financial assistance can only be given to an individual once in a 12 month period and is not guaranteed for you when you have an appointment. Typically, only the last $100-$200 of rent is paid if the individual qualifies.

If you are seeking food assistance, you will be given a Client Choice Pantry form upon your arrival to complete. The volunteers in the Thomas Family Food Pantry will fill your order and it can be picked up upon your departure from NETWORK.

If you are seeking clothing assistance, you will be given a voucher for you to shop in the Richardson – North Dallas Family Clothing Center at NETWORK at your appointment. The voucher will be signed and is good for 2 weeks from the time it is issued. You can take your voucher to the Clothing Center and select 3 outfits for each member of your family. Volunteers will be there to assist you.

NETWORK has a Universal Intake Criteria. Follow the link to see if you qualify.

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Our commitment to all that matters—kids

“760,000 children call Dallas County their home; over 160,000 are living in poverty. Together, we can share and achieve the vision that Dallas is the best place to be a child and help ensure a productive future for our community.” --Beyond ABC, Growing Up In Dallas County--a report by the Dallas Children’s Hospital

On February 24, 2012, the Casey Foundation released a disturbing report stating that a 25% surge in impoverished children had occurred nationwide. Among the states with children in high-poverty neighborhoods was Texas at 17%.

These troubling statistics are no surprise to NETWORK. We already know kids in high-poverty neighborhoods are at risk.

We see their families every day.

It is right here in the Dallas area that the rate of child poverty currently exceeds both the Texas average and the national average. Poverty is associated with poor outcomes for children in their health, education and emotional welfare, along with high rates of delinquency.

Of the 160,000 children across Dallas County deemed impoverished, over 20,000 reside in the service area of the NETWORK of Community Ministries.

These children are invisible threads of the human tapestry around us. In their lives, unravelling occurs daily because of food insecurity, monthly vulnerability to homelessness, and a lack of access to healthcare. Their parents have no means to end these crises. They simply need help.

An investment in a child is one for life; thus our priority is their poverty, their suffering. We are committed to their survival.

Approaches to alleviate child poverty begin with neighbors like you and the NETWORK of Community Ministries.

Please click here to download Children's Poverty Initiative

Annie E. Casey Foundation, Kids Count Data Report, 2012 and Dallas Children’s Medical Center Beyond ABC: Growing Up in Dallas County, 2009.


According to Feeding America, in 2010, 7.9% of households with seniors (2.3 million households) were food insecure and 8.9% of seniors live below the poverty line. That equates to 3.4 million older Americans striving to exist daily. With the Baby Boomer Generation, those statistics are projected to increase 50% by 2025. Statistical information states that seniors are more likely to be food insecure if they live in a southern state, are younger, live with a grandchild, are African American and/or are Hispanic.

For our aging neighbors in Dallas County, the story continues. Hunger, for seniors, is more difficult than for the general population. It can lead to the potential for increased hospital stays, health complications, early entry into assisted living facilities or premature death. In a recent study regarding households with seniors, 30% had to choose between food and medical care and 35% had to choose between food and paying for heat/utilities.

What an incomprehensible decision to be faced with when both are potential life decisions.

At Network, Seniors’ Net has taken the lead in the community to alleviate the devastation of hunger among the homebound elderly. No elderly Dallas resident should have to share meager food staples with a companion pet, eat unhealthy meals because of their inability to purchase food for special diets, or trade buying groceries for paying bills.

Help Seniors’ Net stabilize their lives. Free healthy food items delivered right to their homes and bread every week means a lot to a disabled senior shut-in from the rest of the community.

Join us with this daily rescue because they are starving for help.

Please click here to download "Seniors choice programs 2011 impact report"

2012 – 2013 Program Impact Reports

Below are the Impact Reports for the 2012 – 2013 NETWORK fiscal year. The fiscal year runs from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. The reports capture and put a story to the lives of those in need while illustrating NETWORK’s role in providing vital assistance to our impoverished neighbors.

Please click on the links below to learn more about the dynamic services NETWORK offers in effort to care, coach and empower our neighbors in need as they seek an improved quality of life.

Children’s Service’s Impact Report

Seniors’ Net Impact Report

Volunteer Impact Report

If you’d like more information on how you can become involved in NETWORK’s mission, please contact, us today, info@thenetwork.org.


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